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Admission guidelines :  Admission is made strictly on the basis of availability of seats.
1.Admission shall be done by the school adopting a random selection method for non MCL Employees wards , which shall conform to the guidelines of the Right to Education Act-2009 of the Govt. of India.
2.​The Birth Certificate from the competent authority and the Transfer Certificate obtained from the previous school are essential at the time of admission.
3.Fees have to be deposited by the stipulated dates, failing which the seat will be allotted to the next wait-listed candidate.
4.Admission cannot be claimed on mere issuance of Admission Form or Registration.
Preference will be given to the wards of Mahanadi Coalfields Limited  Employees, Lakhanpur Areas ,BANDHABAHAL.

1. A Month's notice or month's fee in lieu thereof is required prior to withdrawals of a student. If a Student is withdrawn for any length of time and the parents wish him/her to be readmitted, admission fee will be charged again.
2. A Written application must be made by the parents for the transfer certificate of the student.
3. The transfer certificate can be issued after one week, after all the fees and other dues of the school are cleared and verified.
4. Duplicate TC will be issued on production of affidavit.
5. Certificate of conduct or any other certificate and application forms for higher studies should be submitted three days in advance for the Principal’s signature.
6. The following categories of pupils may be required to be withdrawn from the school (not necessarily notifying the cause to the parents)-
(i) Those who fail to show satisfactory progress and are unwilling or unable to profit from the educational programme of the school.
(ii) Those whose fees are arrears.
(iii) Those whose behaviour, in the opinion of the Principal, Vice-Principal, Supervisor and teachers is harmful to the interests of the school.
7. Generally withdrawals are not permitted except at the end of session unless such withdrawals are warranted by transfer of the parents or guardian or similar circumstances.