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Examination System  

The school follows CCE pattern of examination for all classes. So it is an ongoing process throughout the session. The Terminal/Annual examinations are usually held as per follows:

First Terminal - August-September
Second Terminal - December
Third Terminal/Annual - February-March

The school follows the CBSE Curriculum. For Classes LKG to Class VIII we follow DAV Education Board, New Delhi, Curriculum. A brief outline of the subjects taught in each classes is given below:

L.K.G.:              English, Arithmetic, Art & Creft, G.K., Conversation

U.K.G.:             English, Arithmetic, Art & Creft, G.K., Hindi/ Oriya, Conversation.

Classes - I to IV:
English, Hindi/ Oriya, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Art, Craft, G.K., Moral Education, Conversation. N.B.:Apart from English any other language will be offered i.e. either Hindi or Oriya.      

Classes - V to VIII: 
English, Hindi, Oriya, Mathematics, Environmental Studies,Science, Social Studies, Moral Education, G.K., Computer Science (Work Experience), Health & Physical Education, Art & Craft, Music, Art Education.

N.B.: Apart from English either Hindi or Oriya is compulsory. Students who opt for Hindi as second language have to take Oriya as third language and students who opt for Oriya as second language should take Hindi as third language. The subject opted for second language and Art education is not alterable.
Students who are not domicile of Odisha or pupil of public servants on transfer from other states only may take Sanskrit as third language.

Classes - IX & X:
English, Hindi/ Oriya/ Sanskrit, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies,Computer Science (Work Experience), Health & Physical Education,
Art Education, Environmental Education.

N.B.: In addition to English only one language will be offered.

Classes- XI and XII:   
Science Stream - English Core, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Computer Science, and Physical Education (6th subject)   
Commerce Stream - English Core, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Computer Science, and Physical Education (6th as subject).